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Our certified electronics recycling and data destruction service safely and responsibly takes care of all your computer and electronics recycling needs.One of the biggest challenges to safely and responsibly getting rid of hard drives and computer components is the protection of data integrity. Photos, important documents, account numbers, passwords and other personal and financial information can be retained on old hard drives even when you thought they’d been wiped clean. All it takes is one savvy identity thief to find sensitive data and exploit it – putting you or your organization at risk. Thorough and complete data destruction is essential when recycling old computers and electronics.

FREE Protection of Your Data

Encrypted password protection, firewalls and secure networks are all designed to keep us safe online and in the physical world, and we all work hard to keep our electronic information protected. For that protection to be as complete as possible, it must extend to the retirement of old equipment, too. Our certified team makes sure all data and information is removed from any and all electronic components to be recycled – for free! When you choose Rain City Recycling, you can rest assured your data is secure.

On-Site Hard Drive Destroyers

Thorough Data Destruction in the South Puget Sound Area Our complete destruction of hard drives and all data therein comes with a Certificate of Destruction for your protection. This provides documentation that all data and information was completely eradicated from your e-waste. If you prefer, and in order for data never to be out of your control, we’re even happy to perform data destruction while you watch using our HIPPA-certified HD-3WXL hard drive degausser (or PD-4 for newer SSD drives) that completely demagnetizes hard drives and eradicates all data and information. Once all data is destroyed, hard drives are then completely pulverized so you can be certain nothing is left for anyone to access.

Certified and Experienced

Offering certificate of destruction upon completion. We can come out on site for 150 or more hard drives or on the spot at our facility. Prior to physical destruction, hard drives are erased with a hard disk drive degausser. The magnetic information on the HDD platters is completely removed with a strong electromagnetic pulse. Combined with the physical destruction, this gives complete security in the field of data security., two standard 3.5″ hard drives or even six 2.5″ laptop drives / SSDs can be destroyed simultaneously in 28 seconds. The physical destruction of hard disks gives the certainty that they can no longer be accessed.

Professional Data Destruction in the South Puget Sound Area

Rain City Recycling is your all-in-one e-waste and data destruction solution in the south Puget Sound area. We perform complete computer, electronics, appliance and scrap metal recycling in the South Puget Sound area. Contact us today and make sure your data is safe.

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