Experienced, Certified & Free!  Commercial & Residential Computer and Electronics Recycling in the South Puget Sound Area

Experienced & locally-owned computer and electronics recycling in the south Puget Sound area. Also providing reliable electronic data destruction services.Responsibly disposing of old computers, monitors, TVs, fax machines, printers and other electronics can be difficult when you want to do your part to protect the environment and make sure you don’t have unprotected data out of your control. The pros at Rain City Recycling are standing by to help with all your computer and electronics recycling needs. We take great care to properly dispose of all e-waste and perform all needed data destruction so you can rest easy while doing the right thing.

Free Pick-up of 500 Pounds or More

Many organizations and individuals hold onto old electronics and e-waste for years because they don’t know what to do with them. There are rules and regulations when it comes to computer and electronics recycling, and some of us end up simply throwing e-waste into the garbage where it ends up in a landfill or even in the ocean. We’re glad you landed on our website! Call Rain City Recycling to schedule a pick-up of your electronic waste. If scheduling pick-up service, our fee is waived for loads of 500 pounds or more.

Certified Computer and Electronics Recycling

Experienced, Certified & Free Computer and Electronics Recycling in the South Puget Sound Area Our reason for being is making sure e-waste is properly handled and recycled to keep our community and environment safe. We disassemble all electronics according to our rigorous reclaim and recycle protocols so everything is correctly dealt with – including data destruction. We’re certified and registered with the Esco Group, the Washington Materials Management and Financing Authority, and E-Cycle Washington. These certifying organizations provide ongoing education and resources that we regularly access to ensure all our e-waste recycling is done properly.

Need E-Waste Recycling in the South Puget Sound Area?

Don’t let your old TV full of lead, cadmium, mercury, toxic solvents and other chemicals end up in a landfill or worse. Rain City Recycling is your all-in-one e-waste and materials recycling solution. We also provide data destruction and appliance and scrap metal recycling, so contact us today and get rid of unwanted electronic items safely, responsibly — for free!

Free Commercial & Residential Computer and Electronics Recycling in the South Puget Sound Area

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