Common Questions About E-Waste Recycling in Auburn

Common Questions About E-Waste Recycling in AuburnTelevisions, audio equipment, computers and other electronics can be tricky to responsibly dispose of. They can’t just be thrown away like normal trash, but must be properly recycled so as not to become a hazard to the Auburn environment. Having answers to some common questions about e-waste recycling can help you do the right thing when you have old electronics to get rid of.

What E-Waste Items Can Be Recycled? 

Almost any kind of electronic device or component can be recycled, but some require extra processing due to the environmentally harmful chemical and metal compounds they contain. Laptop and cell phone batteries, computer monitors, televisions and keyboards all contain chemicals and compounds that cause harm to the environment if thrown into a landfill with other garbage.

What About Alkaline Batteries & Lightbulbs?

Most of the time, alkaline batteries and lightbulbs cannot be recycled. If you have old electronic equipment containing these things, they must be removed before recycling begins. For the sake of our environment, please follow widely available safe disposal protocols to get rid of them.

How Do I Protect Old Computer Data?

When you recycle computers or hard drives, they must be completely demagnetized or destroyed to make sure any data retained on them is not accessed by any unauthorized party. This is an integral part of the e-waste recycling process, and the best recycling services offer a certificate of destruction so you can be sure all data has been completely destroyed.

Need E-Waste Recycling in Auburn?

Rain City Recycling is an all-in-one e-waste and materials recycling solution serving the south Puget Sound region. Providing proper recycling of computers and electronics, appliances and scrap metal, along with certified data destruction, contact Rain City and finally get rid of unwanted electronics and metals.

Expert E-Waste Recycling in Auburn 

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