Responsible Commercial & Residential Appliance Recycling in the South Puget Sound Area

Discard old appliances responsibly with our fast & easy home & business appliance recycling in the south Puget Sound area. Drop off or we’ll pick up – your choice.One of the most difficult things about buying a new refrigerator, stove or washing machine is figuring out how to responsibly get rid of the old one. Bulky, heavy appliances can be a major chore to remove from your property, but the right appliance recycling company can provide the solution you need.

Appliances in Landfills are Harmful

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units and dehumidifiers contain dangerous HCFCs (hydrochloroflourocarbons), which are potent greenhouse gases and are believed to deplete the Earth’s ozone layer. These appliances, along with others such as ovens, stoves, washers, dryers, microwave and other appliances also contain mercury in electronic circuitry, which should also not be released into our environment.

Recycling Old Appliances

Rain City Recycling recycles and reclaims almost any type of household appliance in the south Puget Sound region. Our appliance breakdown process separates all components into recyclable or reusable categories at our Auburn recycling facility. All are then responsibly processed, including correctly handling refrigerants, foams, oils and circuits that may contain harmful chemicals and metals.

Responsible Refrigerant Handling

Depending on your appliance, it may or may not have refrigerant in it that helps keep it cool. When recycling appliances, it is crucial that the refrigerant is properly disposed of to protect the environment stay in compliance with local laws and regulations. If your appliance contains refrigerant, don’t worry, Rain City Recycling has you covered. For a $10 fee, we will take your appliances and dispose of the refrigerants using only the highest EPA standards so you can be sure that your old appliances aren’t damaging the ecosystem or breaking the law.

Convenient Pick-Up

Responsible & Convenient Appliance Recycling in the South Puget Sound AreaTransportation is often the most challenging part of responsible recycling, but we pick up old appliances for a $100 fuel fee and $25 per commercial unit, and $10 per residential unit containing refrigerant. This service allows you to responsibly get old units out of your home and start enjoying your new ones with the peace of mind that comes from a clean conscience.

Free Recycling for E-Waste Over 500 Pounds

Free pick-up service to businesses with 500 pounds of electronics and a $100.00 fee for fuel when less. We also take units containing Refrigerants ($25.00 per unit if picked up at business plus $100 for fuel fee if picking up refrigerators only). NOTE: Please no food or trash inside refrigerators. We CAN NOT ACCEPT any refrigerators containing ammonia.

Need Appliance Recycling in South Puget Sound?

Rain City Recycling is your all-in-one appliance, computer and electronic, and scrap metal recycling solution in the south Puget Sound area, and we also perform certified data destruction. Contact us today and get rid of unwanted appliances fast and affordably.

Eco-Friendly Appliance Recycling for Home & Business in the South Puget Sound Area

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