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non-working or working we will provide a free service to all who want to be E-CYCLE friendly

Details of Services

Rain City Recycling will take your electronics, computer parts, uncovered e-waste, scrap metal, and appliances and put them through a teardown process at our recycling facility in Auburn WA. Taking them apart and separating material for the Reclaim and Reuse process. For units that contain Refrigerant/Freon, an experienced certified technician will Evacuate the Refrigerant using an EPA approved Recovery Device that meets EPA Standards, also separating the refrigerant for reclaim. It is our duty for the environment and human health to provide a better and safer way of disposing your e-waste. We offer on-site Data destruction (at our warehouse or your business) available for businesses with 150 hard drives or more. we destroy all data with Hard Drive Destroyers. A Degausser- (HD-3WXL) or for newer SSD hard drives, A (PD-4) Hard drive Crusher. A Certificate of Destruction will be issued, Stating in writing that your hard drives have been destroyed.  We are part of the E-cycle Washington program that allows us to take covered items for recycling free of charge!

Our Mission

We provide services to community's, businesses, schools, Public, small government, organizations, medical facilities, and much more. free of charge. Recycling unwanted electronics items that can be reused or recycled for processing. We can come out to pick up your e-waste items that other companies may charge you for. Recycling is free! Drop off is FREE!  We do business pick up for 500 lbs. or more of electronics Free!  A fee of $45.00 for FUEL will be charged, if weight is under 500LBS. (of Electronics). We will not come pick up scrap metal. We also charge a $25.00 Refrigerant fee per unit. (if picked up) Prices may very if you have bigger units. All Drop off's by the public will be $10 fee! We are EPA 608 certified to recover Refrigerant from your working or non-working Refrigerators, coolers, A/C units, etc. We provide data destruction on the spot while you wait!  We have a hard drive degausser that will demagnetize hard drives, Erasing Data/Media Information completely. and a Hard drive Crusher for Newer SSD Drives.  We can issue a certificate of destruction upon request. (please call for appointments if wanting hard drive destroyed while you wait.) Donations made by a customer will run through a breakdown process, where everything will be separated and placed by category. Pieces and items that are  incomplete will be processed at our facility.  Whole/Covered/Complete items Computers, Towers, Laptops, Monitors, Televisions, E-readers, and Portable DVD players, will be given to WMMFA Under the E-cycle WA Program. To find out the fate of the materials recovered through processing check website at: WMMFA.NET go to Processors/Preferred Performance Standards

Real testimonials

Michael Clements
Local Guide · 7 reviews · 121 photos
These guys are great!

We recently went through a site closure and were left with a large amount of refrigerators and -80 freezers that we needed disposed of. We also had a large amount of metal filing cabinets and a good amount of other items.
Richard and his team came out to our site and handled everything, while being super friendly and courteous.

Could not be happier, highly recommended!

Drop off Location or Request a pick up

Our new location is 4150 B PL NW Auburn WA 98001. Drop off will be around the back of building ALL Electronics, Appliances, and Scrap metal can be drop off by the metal bins for after hours drop off.$10 for fridges and A/C units or Request a pick up at info@raincityrecycling.org

Visit us at our NEW Location

We have moved from Kent 23700 Military rd. s. Kent WA 98032 to Auburn 4150 B PL NW #103 Auburn WA 98001, and are back and forth at the moment from shop to shop. so if we happen to miss you we do apologize for the inconvenience. We advise to call in advance for drop off instructions or hard drive destruction. Auburn location will be the  only drop off location now. Thank you for Recycling Responsible. We, the environment and your community appreciates it. 

Rain City Recycling is Electronic recycling with no confusion.


Customers can drop of their electronic-waste at the drop off site address for free. Their will be a CHARGE FOR UNITS WITH REFRIGERANT. $10 fee (if dropped off) Refrigerant disposal fee will be charged (if picked up. $25.00 per unit) and a $45.00 Fuel fee. We issue you a receipt for the unit recycled so you may have for your records. (Please No Food and No Plastic Drawers inside refrigerators).

What We Do and Don't Recycle

Electronics and Scrap Metal


Electronics: working or not, whole or in part, including but not limited to: 

Scrap metal of any kind ferrous and non-ferrous

Steel Metal: Vehicles-, Cars, Trucks, Motor bikes, Scooters, Quads, Garden tools, air tools, hand tools, Table Saws, Construction tools, Drills, Weed Eaters, Bikes, Generators, Lawn Mowers, (Remove gas & oil please) Riding lawn mower:(Remove gas & oil please), Motors:(Remove gas & oil please) Metal Furniture, Grills, Metal cabinets, Metal desk, Rolling carts, Canopies, non-pressurized tanks, Metal Racking, Metal Shelving, Metal containers etc.     

  • Brass- Water faucets, Piping, Fittings, Connections, Gauges, Brass end Hoses, Bits, tools, Instruments, etc.  
  • Aluminum- Framing, Connections, Computer Hot sinks, Parts, Pieces, Tools, Bits, polls, Metal Desks, Furniture, Bikes, Chairs, canopies, etc.   
  •  Copper- Lines, wire, fittings, connections, Transformers, etc.  
  • Stainless steel- Tubs, Sinks, Pots, Pans, Utensils, Bits, Tools, Grills, Heating equipment, Cooking Tables, Cooking Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Refrigeration equipment, etc.
  •  Household Appliances, Washers and dryers, Water heaters, Dishwashers, etc.  
  • Household Refrigerators and A/C Units will be charged a $25 .00 fee if picked up. Drop offs will be $10.00
  •  Water coolers, Dehumidifiers, or other smaller items containing refrigerant will be a $10.00 fee as well.  
  •  Small appliances, blenders, toasters, coffee makers, bread makers, kitchen wear, metal pots, microwaves, etc.
  •  Computers and computer Accessory's- Televisions Computer monitors. Hard drives, Desktop PC Computers, Servers, Server racks, Laptop’s, Notebook Computers, Scanners and Copiers, Laser and Inkjet Printers, Fax Machines and All-In-One devices, Printer cartridges, toner cartridges, Computer speakers, Circuit Boards, Motherboards, Finger boards, Computer Parts, Desktop Computers, Keyboards and mice, Floppy Disks Drives, Modems, Docking stations, Printers, Printer parts etc.
  •  Wires and Connectors Computer Cables, Extension cords, Speaker connection wires, Cat wire, Copper wire, Tv cables, RCA wires, printer/monitor wire, Christmas lights, (REMOVE GLASS BULB) power adapters, power connecting stations, etc.  
  •  (please no fiber optic wire) 
  • Mixed Components Networking Hardware, PBX Systems, Phone Systems, PDA/Handheld Systems, Backup UPS systems, Voicemail Systems, Video surveillance systems, Used Paging Equipment, Cable TV Converter Equipment, CB's, Chargers, Radio Equipment, Remote Control Handsets, Scanners, Home Entertainment systems, DJ systems, Satellite TV Equipment, External connectors, Used computer items, Instrumental Equipment, Stages/Sets, Multi Line Phone systems, And smaller items like-  Phones-business or home, Single Line Phones, , Two way radios, Cellular Phones and Accessories, Tablets, all-in-one systems, Blu-tooth, Speakers, Amps, Radio Equipment, Remote Control Handsets, (Video Cassette Players), DVD Discs, Media, Hard drives, Phone Answering Machines, Photo Copy Machines, Fax Machines, UPS batteries, Cell Phone Batteries/ Laptop Batteries, Chargers (cell phones, Blu-tooth, tablets, Laptop, Tools, car, etc.) Typewriters, LED/LCD Projectors, Video Cameras, Walkie Talkies, Medical equipment, Batteries (not household alkaline batteries)

Items that Rain City Recycling CANNOT Recycle!!

No-Paint, No-Chemicals, No-Tires, No Wood, No Oil, No Clothes, No Propane bottles with valves, No procyclin, No Plastic, No Card board and No Hazardous Materials.

Examples of E-WASTE to be Recycled for free

Examples of E-WASTE to be Recycled for free

About Us

Beautiful city of Seattle e-cycle friendly

Like everyone, We love to see our Planet earth beautiful and want to make the best efforts to providing protection for earth and all humanity.

Instead of throwing away all your old e-waste in your trash. There is a better solution! We provide electronic recycling, refrigerator recycle, tv/computer recycling and Data destruction (ON THE SPOT)  While You Wait. not only do you contribute to protecting the environment but you also contribute to your community by keeping it safe and clean. we will have weekend events for your local schools, churches, Teams, or organizations. You will have to book in advance. Events are scheduled  3 months  prior to date desired. We set our goals to improve our ways of living. It is our Responsibility to the costumer and to the environment to properly dispose of E-waste and Refrigerant.

You can make the Difference, refrigerator, A/C or other units containing Freon is $10.00 to recycle. Electronics and scrap is free.

Certified and Experienced

National Recycling and Emission Reduction Program :The Clean Air  Act (CAA) defines EPA’s responsibilities for protecting  and improving the nation’s air quality and the stratospheric ozone layer. Section 608 establishes the National Recycling and Emission Reduction Program. We are HVACR Certified to properly evacuate Refrigerant for commercial  or household appliances. 

Data destruction with Degausser  Garner HD-3WXL and (Crusher) Garner PD-4

Offering certificate of destruction upon completion. we can come out on site for 150 or more hard drives or on the spot at our facility.

Prior to physical destruction, hard drives are erased with a hard disk drive degausser. The magnetic information on the HDD platters is completely removed with a strong electromagnetic pulse. Combined with the physical destruction, this gives complete security in the field of data security., two standard 3.5" hard drives or even six 2.5" laptop drives /SSDs can be destroyed simultaneously in 28 seconds. The physical destruction of hard disks gives the certainty that they can no longer be accessed.

On site data destruction with certificate of destruction provided after completed. (at the warehouse or your business) we will destroy your data while you wait!


 Free pick up service to businesses with 500lbs of electronics  and a $45.00 FEE FOR Fuel when less. We also take units containing Refrigerant ($25.00 per unit if picked up). Or we will take them for a $10.00 fee. but Drop off is required. NOTE: Please no Food and No plastic drawers inside refrigerators. We CAN NOT ACCEPT any Refrigerators made before 1950.

Rain City Recycling

Example of Certificate processing for certificate of destruction on Computer pieces and hard drives.  (Offering Peace Mind)

Certificate of Destruction

Certificate of Destruction will be issued for items intended to be destroyed and Recorded

Contact Us

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We Have Moved

We have moved from 2700 military rd. s in Kent to 4150 B pl. NW Suite 103 Auburn WA 98001 

We will be here for the next five years.

Rain city Recycling

4150 B PL NW Suite # 103, Auburn, Washington 98001, United States

(206) 651-7318



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If you happen to catch us with our doors closed you are more than welcome to drop off behind the building by the dumpster. Electronics in the drop-off box, appliances and bigger heavier items next to the dumpster. PLEASE NO FOOD OR PLASTIC DRAWERS INSIDE REFRIGERATORS